Andrew White

Week nine, 2024

We’ve started on to season two of Wayward Pines. Because we know the deal with the town of Wayward pines now, they’re needing to lean much more on personal conflict. This ends up being killing off lots of folks you wouldn’t expect them to kill. Not as good as the first season, but still good.

Read a great article about jalapeños this week. I’ve been complaining to my wife about the peppers I’ve been getting since we moved back. Now I understand why. I think I need to find an alternative for pico de gallo.

If you’re an old school EDM/dance type like me you should really be listening to BBC Radio 6’s Rave Forever podcast. Even if you didn’t really go to raves, or came late to the scene, you’ll dig it. Sound quality is just okay, but the mixes are brilliant.

Not much gaming this past week.