Andrew White

Week eight, 2024

The plan to hold Wayward Pines until we finished our current series fell by the wayside. I asked my wife to watch the first episode with me to see if she liked it, and we ended up watching about two thirds of the first season. There are a few turns that feel more like a mid-season shift than a planned plot point, but it’s still really good.

Finally finished One Billion Years Until the End of the World. It just kind of ended. Still, I’m glad to have read it, and am looking forward to my next read, a Cyberpunk 2077 book I started in the Emergency Room before Christmas!

Brotato is fine. It’s not amazing, and the text is really not optimised for a phone. Not totally sure how the upgrade mechanic works, and if stats boosts are supposed to be persistent between runs, or not. My kid has got way into the Apple Arcade versiion of Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector. Can’t believe that game has been around for a decade.

My MacBook Pro is dying. It’s a 2018, so I guess it’s had a good run? But I honestly expect more than five-and-a-bit years out of kit so expensive. My previous MacBooks have done better. My 2010 is still going strong running Pop OS, granted with a new battery and an SSD upgrade. The 2018 has a bad battery (has had for years, but now I get maybe an hour?), a bad keyboard, and the touchbar mostly just flashes white bars at me. I want to get one more year out of it, as this has been a pretty expensive year for us. But I don’t know what to get. I’m enjoying having a desktop (an old 2012 franken-iMac loaned to me by my brother-in-law). But when I spec out the current desktops like I’d like I don’t see the kind of savings versus laptops I’d expect. I imagine things will be pretty different when I’m actually in the market, though. Apple is still kind of in transition, and updates are coming out on a strange cadence.

This week’s recipe was sloppy lentils! Had friends over with kids, and it’s almost always a hit. It’s so easy to double the batch and save it. Desert was a Moosewood Cookbook Apple and Berry crumble. No recipe online.