Andrew White

Week four, 2024

This week’s best recipes: Sweet Potato Stew With Chickpeas, and Sweet Potato Tacos. I needed to use up some sweet potatoes.

##Reading## Nearly done Alice isn’t Dead. It’s okay. Fun enough, but the twist is kind of too much, and lots of interesting plot points seem to have gone unexplored. I’m always frustrated by these stories in which some Big Bad that has been built up so far by the narrative goes down in some uninspired way. (See also: Buffy and Angel)

Discovered that my local library has an audiobook service that includes The Boy on the Bridge, the prequel to The Girl with all the Gifts. That’s next. Reviews are mixed, but I like the universe.

##Watching## Started the aforementioned Girl with all the Gifts. Having some issues with Plex, though, so didn’t get far. We finished the Shrink Next Door. The ending didn’t summarize things quite as nicely as I would have wanted. I was left asking what happened to Bonnie, who didn’t really get the attention she deserved. We’re nearly done Angel as well, so we need to find a new series to watch together.

##Playing## I did end up starting a new game plus on Dead Space, though I think that’ll be a “whenever” game. Fired up Breath of the Wild again for the first time in half a year. Just kind of farting about until the next Blood Moon so that I can practice combat again.