Andrew White

Week Two, 2024

Pretty quiet week this week. I turned forty-old. I got in trouble in a pick-up fireteam in Destiny for not knowing about armour mods. We let the new dog go off-leash for the first time in the park today, and he had a grand old time galumphing through the high grasses.

I’ve been pretty good about increasing my activity levels of late. I close my rings every day, and plan to increase some of the goals end of month. I’m alternating between Ring Fit Adventure and yoga classes on Apple Fitness+. I’m really enjoying the chill vibes music, and am sticking mostly with Molly Fox’s classes. Had to bail on part of the class today because there was a lot floor work that hurt where I broke my ribs before Christmas. I am following up my exercise with a Calm session. Happily I can get in a multi-K walk with the dog, 20 min of exercise, cool down, and meditation between 10a and 10.30a. I continue to be annoyed by Apple Fitness' ignorance of NEAT. Every other fitness tracker I’ve used includes options for housework, shovelling snow, etc. Apple is their usual California selves (I could track my surfing). I just have to put in “Other” for many things I do.

We have a very old iMac in the basement that my brother-in-law gave me. It was destined for recycling, and has totally seen better days. The hinge is a bit loose, and every so often I need to make a white web page full screen for a while to fix image retention issues, but other than that, it works great. I’ve found myself using it a lot more than I expected, even though I’m stuck at MacOS Big Sur, and a few things don’t run (or don’t run well). I don’t use my MacBook Pro as much any more, pretty much just shifting to it for things that require newer versions of Pages or Numbers than run in Big Sur, or for an app that’s in SetApp. It’s making me rethink what my next Mac will be. I dug out a couple of JBL Pebbles I bought forever ago out of storage, and the sound on the set up is fantastic.

No changes in what I’m reading, although I’m just about done a couple of the books from last week, and am an hour away from the end of The Girl with All the Gifts on Audible (not the Booktrack edition, just the one with narration). It’s fantastic, Finty Williams does an amazing job reading it, and I’m sure the end is going to crush me. I just found out there’s a film. I need to track it down. That’s my “watching” update.

Similarly no real changes in what I’m playing. I’m about to embark upon the Outer Wilds (either on Switch or Steam Deck, I somehow own both), and have finally got my light level up above 1700 in Destiny 2.