Andrew White

2021 week 12 wrap up

I’ve mentioned in the past that my MacBook is pretty crapped-up with all kinds of project dependencies and bits of software I’ve had to install for work. I’m still working-slowly-toward wiping and building it anew. Before I do that, I wanted to have a strategy for keeping this kind of thing from happening again (as far as I can). I am now doing a lot of my work on a VPS I set up. It’s been solid, and more seamless than I expected. I am using VS Code’s remote connection to do the editing and source control, and I’m impressed! There are two issues that I can’t sort: for some reason live reload stopped working, and I don’t know how to deploy directly from the VPS. Neither of these are show stoppers, but I’d like to sort them.

I discovered Family Guy is now on Disney+. I watched the last season while in the kitchen over the last week. It’s fun, and I’m not embarrased to be a 45-year-old who watches gross-out cartoons. I’ve also been skipping around through the Simpsons (always loved their Hallowe’en episodes), and have been struck at how tame it is compared to a lot of modern stuff.

Dorf Romantik dropped in early access last week. It’s a beautiful puzzle game. It’s a remarkably chill experience. There are no timers, no conflict, and the systems are discoverable, but not spoonfed to you. If you’re looking for a pleasant gaming distraction, I can’t recommend it enough. Still playing Fallout 76, and I’m really resisting finishing the quest line that involves me launching a nuke.