Andrew White

2021 week 11 wrap up

We finally wrapped up the MCU with Endgame this weekend. It’s been such a long time since I’ve been current with something pop cultural. Feeling a bit smug.

A change in medication last week had me exhausted, and in bed most nights before 10p. So no gaming or much reading beyond a bit of Animal Crossing. I’m still only so-so on ACNH after the initial few months. There doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of new stuff showing up in the shops, and every island I go to has the same fruit as our starter (the much-loathed pear). I’m also in the same situation as a lot of parents who share islands with their young kids. The place is covered in random objects. If we both get back into it, we may need to figure out a system for sharing.

Work is picking up again. My client’s client has a new agency who are looking to make their mark on a site we’ve been maintaining for about five or six years. I’m going to need to compartmentalize some of my stylesheets. We’re using a static site generator, so I guess I’ll just make a new layout with some additional body styles I can hang things off of.