Andrew White

2021 week six wrap up

We continued our excursion through the MCU this week with Ant Man and the Wasp. It was pretty good, but it felt like there was a gap in the narrative. The amount of handwaving over what happened between Civil War and the beginning of this film seemed excessive. Only three movies left, and we’re caught up. I heard an interview on BBC Radio 2 a little while ago in which the interviewee mentioned she and her partner also set about getting up-to-date with the Marvel movies, and another family from my daughter’s school are doing the same. Seems to be the thing to do for us olds with youngs. I would also just like to say: Randal Park is great at playing Woo. Obviously competent, but totally socially awkward. An honestly stand-up guy (the character; I know nothing about Park). I feel just the right amount of cringe watching him do his thing.

Running has been a flop. Totally petered out. I have a hard time getting up in the morning since I’m also having a hard time getting to sleep. So I made a compromise with myself. I get up just a bit before my daughter does, and I go for a walk. I’ve also cut my step goal in half, but I have to meet it. If it’s 10pm and raining, but I haven’t hit my goal, doesn’t matter. Out I go.

Still playing Fallout: 76. Still feeling like the main quest lines are getting repetitive. Especially the Brotherhood of Steel stuff that has me schlepping back and forth from their base to Crater. Fortunately I built my camp not far from the Brotherhood base even before the Brotherhood showed up, so at least I could fast travel. I also played a bit of A Short Hike last night. It’s a simple puzzler/3D platformer that seems to be a lot more about the journey than the story or the challenge. It’s absolutely charming, and I had a really hard time staying on task. It was a lot more fun just to wander and glide.

I began Ready Player Two this week (again). Not deep enough to render a verdict, but it kind of reads like fan fic of the first book. There’s just enough of a compelling sense of impending doom to keep me interested.

Lent is ccoming up. We’re giving up bread on fast days. Doesn’t sound like much, but that’s our “can’t be bothered” meal. Toast and beans or sandwiches. It will require us to think about our meals, which has obvious spiritual benefits.

Lockdown sucks (but it’s necessary.) That’s all for now.