Andrew White

2021 week five wrap up

Motivated by a promotion in Red Dead Online, I finally installed it and did the tutorial missions. It’s an incredible game, and I’m definitely going to spend more time on it (although probably just on the single player campaign). The scenery and weather effects are beautiful, even on my less-than-beefy PC. I’m still playing Fallout 76, but getting more and more frustrated by the back-and-forthing. I also somehow got myself into the Raider story arc without even intending to. I had planned to go Settler, but at least the raiders of FO76 aren’t yet the mindless killers of latter Fallout games.

We finished the end of the first season of Wandavision last night. Having not got caught up in the MCU we experienced some spoilers. But it’s a fantastic, kind of creepy show that’s a bit different from a lot of the other stuff Marvel have put out. I am happy to admit that every guess I’ve made about what’s going to happen has been wrong. We also watched Infinity War, and it was really good. Thanos is a pretty unique villain. He is, in his own mind, actually doing good. So much so that his torturing of Nebula both in the past and in this film seem out-of-character. The film had an emotional punch.

I discovered that a bunch of the Lone Wolf game books have been released for free. They work with a program the company provides that can track your character stats and has a random number generator. They can also be read on their own. If you haven’t played a game book, it’s a single-player pen and paper roleplaying game. Like a choose your own adventure, but with combat and dice checks.

We have a few National Trust sites near our house, and they’re remaining open during the lockdown. We hadn’t gone, but we finally decided to go yesterday. We figured the wintery weather would keep the place from being too busy, and we were right. We had a nice long tramp through the countryside, and a picnic in the car which my daughter thought was the best thing ever. It was great to get out. I miss “out”.