Andrew White

2021 week four wrap up

I’ve been spending more time with Tap Forms. It’s a nice, simple database app that reminds me of the cardfile-type applications that were such a key part of early home computing. I was looking for a simple app to track something, and realized literally all I needed was input masking and CRUD. And I further realized that really, that’s all most apps provide. If you get one solid, easy-to-use personal database tool, you probably won’t need to go anywhere else for many things.

I’ve decided to quit fighting my lockdown sleep nonsense, and just try and gently mold it. So I’m going to quit setting an alarm for early in the morning, and just accept I’m not getting up until 7-7:30a, since I’m not actually getting to sleep until around midnight most nights. Maybe once I get that under control, I can work on moving my wake-up time.