Andrew White

2021 Week 3 wrap up

Got on a bit of a movie kick this week. Watched Suicide Squad, Black Panther, and the Maze Runner. I quite enjoyed them all. I do not have sophisticated tastes. Black Panther

My daughter is back in online schooling provided by my wife’s employer. It makes such a huge difference. Honestly, kids can’t learn from a five minute video and a Google Forms quiz. I feel for the schools and the teachers, but tthey still weren’t ready for this lockdown.

I’m still having fun in Fallout 76, but it’s tapering off a bit. Life is getting better now that I have an ammo converter, but I still spend way too much time fighting with my inventory. I think if I sign in tonight I’m going to just spend some time building out my camp, tidy it up a bit, and do some serious inventory management. I have my survival tent left near Watoga, which has two vendors who usually have their full allotment of caps, so I can sell lots of stuff. Feels odd to be planning MMO chores.