Andrew White

2021 Week 1 wrap up

I turned 45. The theme for this year is: a little bit better. A bit less junk food and booze. A bit more sleep. A bit more exercise. More reading, less time spent browsing internet nonsense. More time spent with hobbies, and family. A bit less time spent with low-quality entertainment.

Every year I grab the contents of my sent mail, and my three main inboxes, and my archive folder, and I stuff them into a dated folder in something I call “Cold Storage”. I then start the year with an empty inbox. It feels great. So far I hit Inbox Zero every day.

My computer has started to really act up. I’ve been bringing the same install along for maybe close to a decade between OS upgrades and a couple of hardware changes. I know people for whom this kind of thing works, but it looks like I’ve hit the cruft limit. Once I get my current batch of volunteer and freelance work done, and my taxes in, it’s time for a wipe.

Related, I’ve been reading Take Control of Managing your Files. It hasn’t been particularly ground-breaking so far, but it is helping me to figure out what’s working, and what isn’t, in my filing system. I’m taking a bit of time each day to move things around, and I’m already noticing an improvement.

My daughter and I are getting back into Animal Crossing. For her it was all the fall and winter events she’d heard about somehow (probably commercials). For me it was finally getting an espresso machine, because I really want to turn my main room into an outdoor café.