Andrew White

I had a conversation today in which we figured out that on a daily basis I use Apple hardware built in:

  • 2010 (an old 15" MacBook Pro that my daughter uses for homework)
  • 2012 (an iPad Mini that I use for recipes and videos while cooking)
  • 2016 (an iPhone SE that’s primarily my daughter’s, but we also use for feeding the Chromecast)

I also have a BlackBook that I’ve mentioned before that’s still in occasional use. The only other hardware I have that’s around that old and in regular use is my Synology DS213j that dates back to 2014. My phone is three years old, and I’m not in a rush to replace it.

I have a few take-aways. Apple stuff lasts, and I believe it’s worth the premium. We don’t need to upgrade as often as we do. And it’s imperative that we support right-to-repair laws. Computers should be able to last this long.