Andrew White

Bullet-list musings on our cyberpunk dystopia

  • We’re all masked up
  • We are in the midst of a pandemic, and an accelerating climate catastrophe
  • People are setting video of our world to the soundtracks of Blade Runner movies, and it really works
  • Corporations are approaching governments in power and influence
  • Corporations are also becoming more concentrated through M&A, and it’s getting harder for new entrants to the market to challenge them. This is particularly true in technology
  • We all walk around with portable computing devices that have more oomph than all the computers that existed in the world together until very recently
  • Heck, that’s also true of many of our watches
  • Inequality is accelerating, and all of the gains we have made in productivity lately are more and more concentrated
  • The super-rich are getting ready to bail on us, and ride this whole thing out in mega resorts, or maybe even orbit
  • Yesterday my bank stored my conversation with them in order to create a voice print for security reasons