Andrew White

Mapping, cycling, and the inevitable march of featuritis when you scratch your own itch

I’ve set myself another challenge. Not a big one, so I don’t feel like I’m overloading myself. I discovered the Bike Citizens app, based on Open Street Map. You can unlock free detailed maps if you cycle 100K in 30 days. The Cambridge map isn’t particularly detailed, but I thought it’d be fun to get. I’ve managed 11K today, because I forgot to have the app open for my other ride.

I have a site I maintain called I just chuck all my meme-y images on there. It used to be just an open directory with some .htaccess funkiness for better listings. Then it was a php script that generated a listing. Then it was a script that generated a static html page for the listings. Then I added pages for each individual image with embed information.

Now I’m actually looking at adding tagging with an admin interface, adding a database…all to get something that looks like a directory listing.