Andrew White

Some small web browsing experiments

I tried a few browser experiments today: compiling and using Dillo, running Waterfox, and running NoScript.

Dillo: the font rendering was terrible, I had to apply a patch to get the thing to compile, and specifying that it be compiled with SSL support didn’t get me SSL support. Everything is https these days, so it was a total no-go.

Waterfox was a nice experience. It grabbed my configuration from Firefox, set up sync, and was most of the way to a drop-in replacement. The only issue I had was my containers set up didn’t come along. It may become my browser of choice.

NoScript: I want to like it. It’s amazing how much faster the browser is without Javascript. It’s a bit clunky, though. What I’d really like is a way to set it up so a click on the big S just allows all JS in that tab, and then colour that tab differently to make things obvious. I may keep it, although it feels dangerous to have it installed in the browser on which I do most of my development and testing.